Reine Mère is a design studio and object publishing house founded in 2006, based in Toulouse. Stéphane Clivier is the founder and has been running the brand for 18 years now. All its objects are designed and manufactured in France, in small series, with respect for man and his environment.

Reine Mère encourages local manufacturing in order to offer ethical objects with respect for people and their environment. In this logic, Reine Mère is committed to an approach that is both social and ecological to offer objects with responsible design. The life cycle of products is studied as a whole, from design to recycling.

Through its network of French manufacturing partners, Reine Mère ensures the maintenance and development of local know-how and strives to limit its environmental impact. It promotes the use of natural materials from our regions: sustainably managed wood mainly from Jura forests, recycled paper and packaging, natural oil treatments, water-based glues, etc.

We manufacture as close as possible to our premises in order to limit travel between production and stocks. Some of the finishing, assemblies and all shipping are carried out within Reine Mère. We look for our manufacturers as close as possible to the material resource. The Reine Mère premises are also an integral part of this approach, made with a wooden frame, insulated with wood wool and nestled at the bottom of a wooded plot. Electricity also comes from renewable energies.

🌳"Everyday objects, refined and timeless, with socially and environmentally responsible design."