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Reine Mère



Your dishes reach new heights with this collection of three Pyrenees cutting boards, naturally inspired by the beautiful Pyrenees mountains.

Cutting and serving boards, made in France in solid oak, and oiled with vegetable oil. They also make an elegant decoration when you're not using them!

>>> How to properly maintain your cutting boards? <<<

Wood being a living and porous material, you should obviously not put them in the dishwasher, and avoid letting them soak in water. Simply wash your cutting board under running hot water after each use, scrubbing it with a brush to remove any leftover food. For optimal washing that is not aggressive for wood, our natural solid dishwashing soaps are ideal! You can then wipe it with a cloth.
To best protect your board and nourish it, we advise you to oil it regularly to restore its original shine. To do this, simply pour a little vegetable oil onto a cloth and apply it to the entire surface of the board. Cooking oils (olive oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, etc.) work very well! Then let it dry for a few hours, and that’s it!
You know everything to keep your cutting boards healthy!
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